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John Beck

John shoots on all film and video formats.
35mm S16/16mm and PSC.
USA "I "Visa

H.S.E. Part 3 Commercial Diver

Hostile Environments Course

US Antarctic Program Survival Course

Offshore Survival Course Philips Petroleum

B.S.A.C. Advanced Diver
Innoculated for World wide Travel

Film Production Course

Director of Photography
Lighting Cameraman/Underwater Cameraman
Documentaries,Drama,Underwater,Expeditions,Hostile Enviroments,Travel & Adventure, News & Current Affairs,Corporate Productions
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Beckfilms can supply:- film & video crews to shoot in UK, Europe, Worldwide, from our UK base.









Natural History


New Media

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John Beck. Documentary/Drama/Underwater Cameraman

Director SIMON N0RMANTON writes.......

"John Beck is an enormously experienced cameraman, film and digital video, documentary or drama.

Whether it's fly-on-the wall or adventure, natural history or under water, be it downtown New York, in the studio or high in the Himalayas, John is good to work with and ‘delivers the goods’. Good times with good rushes in the cutting room follow fun times on location.

John is good company, inspiring confidence in those being filmed and giving confidence to the directors he works with."

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All film & video formats available, PAL & NTSC

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